The perfect ingredient for your recipes

L'Acqua di Mare AQUAMARIS is taken several miles off the Sicilian coast from the depths of the Ionian Sea. Retaining its salinity and more than 50 different minerals after microfiltration and sterilization, L'Acqua di Mare is the perfect ingredient for your recipes.

Brings the taste of authentic traditional Mediterranean food to your table

Cooking with Sea water is an old tradition, fishermen in Southern Mediterrean villages used to cook their catch in sea water to enhance the flavor and maintain the fresh, pure and natural taste of the food.
The use of Sea water for cooking fish, meet and seafood as well as for pasta, legumes and vegetables will intensify, the natural taste of all ingredients. Without adding table salt it allows you to reduce the intake of sodium by nearly 30 %*.

*taking as a sample 10 gr of cooking salt for 1000ml of soft water compared to 300ml of Sea water and 700ml of soft water

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